Brittany Bravo is a commercial fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Her work is inspired by chicano culture, punchy colors and the beauty in diversity. Brittany's work on "Redefining Masculinity" was featured as best of 2019 by Getty Images.  When she's not shooting, she mentors at Las Fotos Project, an organization dedicated to uplifting teen girl photographers.

Brittany Bravo is currently an Apostrophe Reps mentee for the Spring 2021 session.

E-mail Brittany at

Clients include ESPNGetty Images, ReebokForever 21Fashion Nova, bebe, Bank of AmericaBuzzfeedWarner Bros., The Try GuysBlissIBY Beauty, Youngblood Cosmetics, and Riley Rose.


Hello! I continue to shoot during the pandemic and offer safe solutions for your production needs.


-24 hour studio available for shoots;

-PPE provided for crew;

-Live streaming photoshoots to creative team via zoom to reduce number of people on set;

-Roster of models and stylists who are still working during the pandemic.

Please don't feel shy to reach out to me. I am happy to provide more resources and solutions to make your project happen quickly and safely, without compromising the quality. Please email me at with your questions. Stay safe 💚

Find me on Wonderful Machine

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