De La Tierra

De La Tierra conveys a story of togetherness and sisterhood. It beckons the call for femmes to embrace laughter, love, and the freedom to believe we are beautiful as we are. The inspiration for this project comes from a deeply personal place of growing up as a brown womxn searching to find worth, validation, and community. The challenges I faced in childhood and adolescence left me feeling alone - feeling that who I am, is not valued. In the early stages of this project, I envisioned 4 brown femmes standing together in the desert. Their hair falling in long braids to the ground as they held hands and danced together. This vision embodied the sense of togetherness I wanted to create while offering a nod to the community I have now found. The key to my healing was finding love, validation, and a sense of belonging within the Xicanx and indigenous artist community. I created this piece from a place of joy and gratitude. I am inspired daily by the beautiful black and brown art being created around me. The heartbeat behind this project is to convey a love letter and a thank you to these brilliant communities through the photographs I created. My hope is that someone like me can look at these photos and feel loved and worthy just as they are. View the story on A.M.P. magazine.


Photographer + Creative Director: Brittany Bravo
Wardrobe Stylist: Megan Ornelas
Wardrobe Styling Assist: Katherine 
Hair Stylist: Desiree Irving
Makeup Artists: Wendy Cordero and Jessica Monzalvo
Models:  Katherine Benitez, Salma Ocelotlxochitl, Glenda Hernandez, and Jennifer Torres
For: A.M.P. Magazine

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